Network Design & Configuration

A poorly configured network is often an endless source of frustration. We design and configure stable, reliable, and secure networks offering WAN connectivity, remote access, and security services.

Hardware Basics:

  • Use quality components from brand-name vendors such as 3Com, Netgear, and Symantec. Use reputable cable installation experts on medium or larger sized installs.

Design Points:

  • Build in capacity expansion for future services
  • Refactor number of networking services to viable minimum
  • Design site-specific perimeter security model
  • Internal security and authentication model and design
  • Integration and/or migration of existing services and equipment

Server and Client Configuration:

  • After a design proposal is approved, we will install and configure all the hardware and the appropriate services on your server, desktop, and mobile equipment.

Post-installation Assessment:

  • We will perform a thorough performance and security analysis of your internal LAN and your external WAN gateway(s) to ensure they operate within design specifications, and will provide you with a written report of the results.