Gateway Security & Firewalls

Having an up-to-date, dedicated gateway/firewall server or appliance is simple due diligence for the protection of your network, computers and data. There are two common approaches for providing firewall services.

Security Appliances:

Appliances offer excellent functionality and protection. Higher end devices from Netgear and Symantec offer IPSEC support, customizable rulesets, remote logging, e-mail alerts, frequent firmware upgrades and more. These devices are compact, noiseless, and have no moving parts, making them ideal for many small business and home office installations.

Security Servers:

A dedicated server offers the most flexible solution, allowing very granular configuration, maximum expandability, and complete customization of services, protocols and rulesets. OpenBSD based servers are extremely secure and are cost competitive with many appliances.
In general, appliances offer an attractive combination of strong security, low maintenance, and high reliability. A dedicated server may be better suited to sites with higher traffic volumes or specialized networking requirements. We evaluate the merits of each approach on an case-by-case basis.