Remote Access & VPN

Remote access services allow access to your internal when travelling, when working from home, or for remote administration.

The common tunneling protocols in use are PPTP/L2TP, IPSEC VPN, and SSH.
IPSEC VPN Tunnels: IPSEC is a secure set of protocols widely deployed to implement VPN's. IPSEC uses Shared Public Keys and may authenticate against digital certificates. Commonly used in establishing tunnels to IPSEC enabled appliances.

Secure Shell (SSH): The SSH suite of tools encrypts all traffic to eliminate network-level attacks. The OpenSSH implementation—from the same people who developed OpenBSD— provides many secure tunneling capabilities and a variety of authentication methods. SSH is an indispensable tool used primarily in remote systems administration.

We recommend using IPSEC enabled gateway applicances for their increased performance and reliability.