Database Servers

A server-based relational database (RDBMS) is a critical component for every business, ensuring the safety, security, and integrity of your irreplaceable data. Popular RDBMS's in small business environments are:

Microsoft SQL Server:

A stable and mature offering from Microsoft. Integrated with Active Directory. Developing Access or Web based front-ends is relatively easy. Normally costs over $2000, but included in Small Business Server (Microsoft Windows Server).


An advanced open-source database with a feature set rivalling or surpassing those of many commercial databases. New for version 8.0 is 'point in time' data recovery, the ability to span databases across multiple disks, and the release of the long awaited native Windows version.


An extremely fast database well suited for web applications where response time is important, but currently missing advanced SQL features such as views, stored functions, triggers, and check constraints.