Fax Servers

Faxes are still an integral part of modern business. They're universally accepted. They provide convenient hardcopy. It is important to note that faxes are legally binding documents, and any personal information they contain is covered by PIPEDA privacy legislation.

A proper fax management system can help address these issues. We exclusively build HylaFAX based servers to manage fax environments offering:
  • Disk based storage, retrieval, searching
  • Security, privacy, auditing and tracing
  • E-mail integration, automatic PDF conversion
  • Inbound TSID routing, least-cost routing
  • Custom database storage integration
HylaFAX is highly stable and comprehensive fax platform. From the web site:

“HylaFAX is an enterprise-class system for sending and receiving facsimiles... designed to guard against unexpected failures in software, configuration, hardware or general use. HylaFAX supports multiple modems and a heavy traffic load.”